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December 08, 2011


Robert Devereaux

Delighted to hear it!


Happy Easter to you, Mr. Devereaux! Santa Claus Conquers The Homophones is still my annual Easter reading.


So very exciting! This will make it easier to get new friends into the series. I really hope this is leading up to the 3rd installment! ;) Can't wait to see if any other holidays get in on all the excitement lol

Robert Devereaux

Jason thinks there were only ten of those. He's checking with Darin Sanders, who did all the graphic and design work on the book.

Robert Devereaux

Not sure, re number of wooden slipcased. Let me check with Jason Bovberg and get back to you. :^)

Stuart David Schiff

GLAD to hear of a sequel which I will need to get. I was looking at my copy of STEPS OUT and have a bibliographical question. You inscribed this to be in 1998 at FCon. It is number 7L in the wooden slipcase.
How many of these were done in that slipcase? Is there something similar with the sequel? Thanks. Stuart David Schiff, WHISPERS/Whispers Press.

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